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Watch BFO World Championship IX Live Stream 2023 in Las Vegas

Dust off your cowboy hats and buckle up, Vegas, because the BFO World Championship IX is back in town! From December 8th to 9th and 14th to 16th, Resorts World will once again transform into a rodeo unlike any other, hosting the electrifying spectacle of freestyle bullfighting. Forget your classic bucking broncos and dusty arenas – this is an adrenaline-pumping fusion of extreme sports, acrobatic mastery, and face-to-face encounters with some of the fiercest bulls on the planet.

Beyond the Bucking Basics:

BFO isn’t your average rodeo. Here, cowboys morph into daredevils, defying gravity and fear as they dance with a thousand pounds of fury. Picture this: gravity-defying leaps, heart-stopping spins, and balletic dodges, all within inches of an enraged bull’s horns. These aren’t rodeo clowns seeking laughs; they’re elite athletes pushing the boundaries of human agility and courage, pushing the definition of “rodeo” to its most audacious limits.

Champion Clash for Bragging Rights and Bucks:

This year’s championship is more than just a show – it’s a battle for the coveted BFO World Champion belt and a juicy $125,000 prize purse. The world’s top bullfighters will lock horns (metaphorically, of course) in a fierce competition that promises both breathtaking stunts and nail-biting tension. Each jump, twist, and near-miss adds to the drama, as these modern-day gladiators vie for victory.

Vegas Vibe Amplifies the Excitement:

The BFO World Championship isn’t just about the bulls and the bullfighters. It’s an electrifying party with a rock-concert atmosphere. Think pulsating music, a roaring crowd, and an electric energy that crackles through the Pavilion at Resorts World. It’s an experience that goes beyond the dirt and the danger, offering a thrilling escape into the wild world of extreme rodeo.

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